Sort, filter & analyse your data with Prospect CRM’s report building tool as these articles walk you through the steps to create the ultimate metrics manager.

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Adding Delivery Date to Sales TransactionsAdd the Delivery Date field to Sales Transactions Report for a particular Company/Account.
Adding a Report to a CRM Record LayoutLearn how to add a Report to a CRM record layout using the customiser tool.
Display Delivery Name & Delivery Address to Sales Reports (Unleashed)This article outlines how to display the delivery name and address to Sales reports.
How to Include Margin Value & Margin % in Sales Transaction ReportsInclude your Margin Value and Margin % to a Sales Transaction Report to enhance your sales reporting.
How to View Product Price Lists/TiersView the different Price Lists/Tiers for your products without needing access your integrated Inventory Management/Accounting/ERP System.
Collection FilteringFilter data across many levels of the CRM hierarchy using collection filtering
Standard People & Places Reports AvailableThis article outlines the standard People & Places Reports available within the CRM.
Customers who Bought X but not Y ReportIdentify exactly which customers bought one of your products and not another using our standard Sales Report in the CRM!
User ActivityHow to view your own recent CRM Activity, or recent activity by team member as a Manager.
Deleting CRM ReportsHow to delete reports within the CRM, including My Reports & Shared Reports.
Performing Bulk UpdatesSave time by performing bulk updates from a CRM Report - useful when bulk-assigning Account Managers, Industries, Priorities etc.
Exporting Information from the CRMThis article outlines how to export information from the CRM to Excel.
Sorting your DataLearn how to organise and sort your Reports more efficiently.
Saving a Report to ExcelThis article will detail the process of Exporting a Report from the CRM to Excel.
Creating a Data SetThis article outlines how to create a data set within the CRM & the benefits of using data sets when analysing your CRM data.
CRM Power BI AppsThis article outlines how to access the CRM Power BI App.
Standard Product Reports AvailableThis article outlines the standard Product Reports available within the CRM.
Standard Marketing Reports AvailableThis article outlines the standard Marketing Reports available within the CRM.