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Adding a Report to a CRM Record Layout
Adding a Report to a CRM Record Layout

Learn how to add a Report to a CRM record layout using the customiser tool.

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On most CRM record layouts, you're able to embed Reports within the record layout. For example, you may wish to see all Main Decision Maker Contacts on the Details page of a Company record. You could achieve this by saving a Contact Report that has a filter by Contact Role of 'Main Decision Maker'. This article will show you how you can utilise the customiser tool to embed your Reports just like this!


  • You'll need CRM Admin rights to follow the steps in this article

This article assumes that you've already created the Report that you wish to embed, or are using a pre-made Report. If you haven't, click here to learn more about Report building, or check out this article which lists some of our most popular pre-made Reports.

Step 1: Navigate to Customiser on a CRM Record

Firstly, navigate to the CRM record you wish to embed your Report on. Here, you'll notice three dots (further options menu) in the top right-hand corner of the record. Select this and choose the option to 'Customise'.

Once selected, you'll be presented with the record and all of the editable fields.

Step 2: Add a Group for the Report

Add a Group to the layout, where you can then add your chosen Report - simply click 'Add Group'.

Type in the name that you'd like this Group to be called based on the Report that you're going to embed.

Once happy with the information entered, click 'OK'.

Step 3: Add your Report

Once you've created your new Group, select 'Add Field/Report', then select 'Report' on the pop-up that appears.

From here, you'll then see the main Report Groups. Select the Report Group that your Report is saved under, and select it to add it. In this example, the Report is called 'Main Decision Maker Contacts'.

Then click 'OK' to successfully add the Report to the selected Group.

Step 3: Save Changes

Make sure to save your changes in the top right-hand corner of the page by clicking the save icon, then exit the Customiser.

You'll then see your new Report added onto to your chosen record!

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