In Prospect CRM, you have a whole host of standard Reports to get you started when analysing and managing your CRM data. If you haven't already, make sure you have a read of our Taking More Orders Using RFM Analysis article, as this will highlight key Reports that use your sales data.

People & Places Reports

The People & Places Report group include all standard Reports covering CRM records related to Contacts and Companies:

  • New Contacts

  • Contacts

  • New Companies

  • Companies

  • Companies Near UK Postcode

Products Reports

The Products Report group includes all standard Reports covering product-related CRM records:

  • All Products

  • All Sellable Products

  • No Available Stock

  • Product Item Search

  • Products by Available Stock

  • Sellable Products Not Sold

  • Top Products

Marketing Reports

The Marketing Reports group includes all standard Reports covering marketing-related CRM records:

  • Active Campaign Activities

  • All Campaign Activities

  • Campaigns

  • Customers by RFM Segment (Preview)

  • Enquiries (Preview)

  • Enquiry Forms (Preview)

  • Opportunities by Source

Sales Reports

The Sales Report group includes all standard Reports covering sales-related CRM records:

  • All Open Opportunities

  • All Opportunities - Referrals

  • Closed New Business (This Month)

  • Customers Not Ordered in a Year

  • Customers who bought X but not Y

  • Decreasing Revenue

  • Increasing Revenue

  • New & Returning Customers

  • New Online Orders

  • New Opportunities

  • New Orders

  • Open Opportunities by Status

  • Opportunities

  • Predicted Churn Alerts (Preview)

  • Quotes & Orders

  • Sales Pipeline (This Month)

Service Reports

The Service Reports group includes all standard Reports that cover CRM records related to customer service:

  • All Open Problems

  • All Problems

  • New Problems

  • Open Problems by Status

  • Problems

  • Problems open for too long

Other Reports

The Other Reports Group includes all standard Reports covering records not contained within any of the above categories:

  • Deleted Companies

All Reports

The All Reports Group compiles all of the standard Reports listed above into one place.

Why not check out our article here to see how you can create your own Reports!

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