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Standard Service Reports Available
Standard Service Reports Available

This article outlines the different standard Reports available within the Service Report Group.

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We've set up a range of standard Reports to get you started when analysing and managing your CRM data. The Service Report group includes all standard Reports relating to Problems within the CRM hierarchy.

What's covered in this article

Problems open for too long

The 'Problems open for too long' Report, by default, lists all Problems that were created more than 7 days ago. The aim for this Report is to help identify bottlenecks and customers that may experience a delay with their customer service query or issue. 

If 7 days ago is too recent, or equally too long, for your business, then you can change this within the filters. At the top of the Report you have a summary displaying the total number of Problems meeting this Report criteria.

New Problems

The 'New Problems' Report lists, by default, all Problems created in the last 7 days. The purpose of this Report is to monitor how many new Customer Service queries or issues have been logged recently, helping to forecast your Customer Service resource. Again, if the last 7 days is too long or too short for your business, then you can change this within the filters. 

Open Problems by Status

The 'Open Problems by Status' Report lists all Problems in an open status, and groups them by these statuses. In the above example, there are 10 Problems in a status of 'Awaiting Action' and 5 Problems in a status of 'In Hand'. 

All Open Problems

The 'All Open Problems' Report simply lists all Problems that are currently open within your CRM system. There's only 1 filter on this Report which is only showing open Problems and there are no grouping and summaries featured on this Report, but these can be added if required.

All Problems

The 'All Problems' Report lists all Problems within your CRM. It doesn't have any filters, groupings or summaries, but again you can still add these in. The purpose of this Report is to give you a comprehensive view of all Problems that have been logged in your CRM.

Why not check out our article here to see how you can create your own Reports!

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