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Getting Started with Prospect CRM

New to the system? These articles will take you through the basics, helping you get the system up and running.

The Magic Matrix

Get your Magic Matrix set up and browse our FAQs to unlock the power of Prospect CRM’s cross-sell and upsell capabilities!

RFM Analysis

Our RFM Analysis articles guide you through the essentials of customer segmentation - from initial setup to the analysis of your data.

Quote-to-Order Workflow

Discover how Prospect CRM can help you increase your quote-to-order workflow productivity, and explore the capabilities of our quoting functions.

General Settings & Configuration

These articles demonstrate the flexibility of your system settings, so you can start configuring Prospect CRM to suit your business needs.

General Help & FAQs

Need help with your system? Browse the most frequently asked questions and find a quick solution.

Sales Opportunity Process

Start capturing leads and progressing them through your opportunity pipelines with the help of these articles.

Customer Service

Learn all you need to know about problem pipelines, customer service reports & Prospect CRM’s ticketing system.

Documents, Libraries and Email Integration

Find out how to use Prospect CRM to create, save, import & export documents.

CRM Libraries

Get to know Prospect CRM’s Library feature and connect your trade portal to create a unified experience with online orders.


Sort, filter & analyse your data with Prospect CRM’s report building tool as these articles walk you through the steps to create the ultimate metrics manager.


Learn how to establish an online presence with Prospect CMS and start generating traffic to optimise your sales growth.


Explore all things Marketing with our articles to help you generate leads, set up campaign activities & get more contacts in your system.

Developer & API

Discover some of the more complex functions available with Prospect CRM, and get technical with our productivity integration partners.

Prospect CRM Dashboards

Get to grips with the Prospect CRM interface by learning more about the various dashboards available on your system.


Connect your apps with Prospect CRM and learn more about making the most of our integration capabilities.

Release Notes

Stay up to date with what's new in Prospect CRM with our latest versions release notes.

Free Trial Material

Just signed up? This is your one-stop shop for all things Prospect CRM to help you make the most of your Free Trial!

Growth Hub

Learn how the Growth Engine can maximise business growth!

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