Getting Started with Prospect CRM

New to the system? These articles will take you through the basics, helping you get the system up and running.

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The Magic Matrix

Get your Magic Matrix set up and browse our FAQs to unlock the power of Prospect CRM’s cross-sell and upsell capabilities!

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RFM Analysis

Our RFM Analysis articles guide you through the essentials of customer segmentation - from initial setup to the analysis of your data.

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Quote-to-Order Workflow

Discover how Prospect CRM can help you increase your quote-to-order workflow productivity, and explore the capabilities of our quoting functions.

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General Settings & Configuration

These articles demonstrate the flexibility of your system settings, so you can start configuring Prospect CRM to suit your business needs.

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General Help & FAQs

Need help with your system? Browse the most frequently asked questions and find a quick solution.

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Sales Opportunity Process

Start capturing leads and progressing them through your opportunity pipelines with the help of these articles.

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Customer Service

Learn all you need to know about problem pipelines, customer service reports & Prospect CRM’s ticketing system.

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Documents, Libraries and Email Integration

Find out how to use Prospect CRM to create, save, import & export documents.

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CRM Libraries

Get to know Prospect CRM’s Library feature and connect your trade portal to create a unified experience with online orders.

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Sort, filter & analyse your data with Prospect CRM’s report building tool as these articles walk you through the steps to create the ultimate metrics manager.

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Learn how to establish an online presence with Prospect CMS and start generating traffic to optimise your sales growth.

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Explore all things Marketing with our articles to help you generate leads, set up campaign activities & get more contacts in your system.

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Developer & API

Discover some of the more complex functions available with Prospect CRM, and get technical with our productivity integration partners.

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Prospect CRM Dashboards

Get to grips with the Prospect CRM interface by learning more about the various dashboards available on your system.

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Connect your apps with Prospect CRM and learn more about making the most of our integration capabilities.

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Release Notes

Stay up to date with what's new in Prospect CRM with our latest versions release notes.

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Free Trial Material

Just signed up? This is your one-stop shop for all things Prospect CRM to help you make the most of your Free Trial!

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Growth Hub

Learn how the Growth Engine can maximise business growth!

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