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Documents, Libraries and Email Integration
Documents, Libraries and Email Integration

Find out how to use Prospect CRM to create, save, import & export documents.

List of Frequently Used Merge FieldsThis article lists frequently used CRM merge fields that you can use in document & email templates.
Sales History Import ChecklistOverview checklist for importing sales history data into the CRM.
How to Merge Linked Product Library Files to Document TemplatesLearn how to dynamically merge linked Product Library files to your Document Templates.
Embedding Fonts in Word Documents for PDFsEnsure your PDF files use your selected Word font by embedding the font.
Sending, Forwarding & Replying to an Email from the CRMThis article will outline how to send an email from within the CRM.
Managing Email AttachmentsThis article outlines how to manage your email attachments when sending emails via the CRM.
Marking Documents as Important/Pinning DocumentsHere are some ways you can make your Documents stand out so they don't get missed!
Installing Save To CRM Add-in (Gmail)This article will walk you through how to install the Save to CRM add-in for Gmail.
Adding a Document to a RecordThis article outlines how you can add a document and create a document template against a record within the CRM.
Uploading a Photo Using a Mobile DeviceThis article outlines how to upload a photo to the CRM, using a mobile device.
Re-installing Save to CRM Add-inA guide on how to re-install the Save to CRM Add-in within Outlook.
Using Save to CRM Add-inThis article explains how to save incoming emails into the CRM using the Outlook Save to CRM Add-in.
Categorising Saved Emails Using Save to CRM Add-inThis article explains how to categorise your saved emails using the Save to CRM Add-in.
Install the Prospect CRM Add-in for WordThe Prospect CRM Add-in for Word helps you create Word templates & easily add search & replace fields