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Embedding Fonts in Word Documents for PDFs
Embedding Fonts in Word Documents for PDFs

Ensure your PDF files use your selected Word font by embedding the font.

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Our Word Document Templates can be sent as a PDF format via the CRM, but to ensure the PDF file uses the Word font selected, you'll need to embed it.

Step 1: Open Word Document & Select Options

Within the Word document you wish to embed font in, click 'File' and then select 'Options'.

Step 2: Embed Font

Select the 'Save' tab from the Word Options window, then at the bottom, under the 'Preserve fidelity when sharing this document' section, tick the 'Embed fonts in the file' box.

Selecting 'Embed only the characters used in the document' reduces the file size but limits editing of the file using the same font. Leaving that check box unticked increases the file size, but is best for allowing others to edit the document and keep the same font. We recommend leaving the check box blank if someone else may need to edit the file.

Then, click 'OK' and your font will then be embedded in the document and ready to use for saving as a PDF.

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