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Edit Word/PDF Quote Template

Edit our ready-made Quote Template in minutes to start sending quotations to your customers.

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Quickly edit our ready-made Quote Template to start sending professional quotations to Prospects and Customers. By editing the Quote Template, you can apply your business' branding and add important information such as Terms and Conditions of sale.

If you'd rather upload your own quote template, click here to read more on how to do this.


  • You'll need CRM Administrator rights to create users and amend user permissions

Step 1: Navigate to the Simple Quote Document Template

To access the Simple Quote Document Template, navigate to the Document Template Configure Setting by here.

Within the Document Template Configure Setting, you'll be presented with a list of your existing document templates. Click the pencil icon against the Single Quote Document Template.

In the side bar, click the 'Edit' button to open the template within Word.

Step 2: Edit Quote Template

To make amendments to the Quote Template, click the 'Enable Editing' button.

Please note: you can also amend the style of the quote table within the template. Read more about this in our Build your Own Word Quote Table guide.

Any changes that you make will be saved and applied when the quote template is next used.

You can also automatically attach a Word Template when using an email template and convert it to a PDF. Click here to read more on this.

**Tip:** You can edit your Quote document file name when the template is used such as 'Company Name Quote Ref {QuoteId}'. Learn how by following this article.

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