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Template Quotes

Make quote creation simple by using Template Quotes to create new quotations within the CRM!

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Sometimes you can find yourself creating a Quote containing the same Quote lines for multiple Contacts within the CRM. Instead of completing the entire Quote process from the beginning, you can use the 'Based On' functionality. 

Using Template Quotes

Step 1: Create a Quote

Quotes can be created at any level of the CRM, by clicking the + icon on either a Company, Contact, Opportunity or Problem.

Step 2: Select the Relevant Information

After selecting the Quote option from the drop-down, the Quote Creation Window will open. Here you can add a description, change the operating company if required, choose the appropriate currency and finally choose a Quote to copy using the 'Based On' functionality. 

Step 3: Choose a Parent Quote

Once you're happy with your description you can choose to search for your Quote that you wish to copy. You will then be asked to choose a Parent Quote to use as the template quote; you can search for the desired Quote by clicking on the pencil icon. 

Step 4: Search for the Quote

This will then open a search where you can search by either the Quote's description or Quote ID. For a quick search, I would recommend searching by the Quote ID. Click 'Select' to choose the Quote you wish to copy.

Step 5: Select the Relevant Products

You will then be asked to choose the products you wish to copy from the Template Quote. Once happy with your selection, you can click confirm and finally click 'Create' to build the Quote. 

Converting a Quote into a Template

The steps below will show you how to convert a Quote into a Template Quote. The Template Quote itself should not be confirmed and be treated as a way to quickly generate quotes when the customer often orders the same Products.

Step 1: Navigate to a Quote

Once you are on a Quote that you wish to convert into a Template, if you click on the three dots you have the option to convert a Quote to template.

You will then be asked where you would like this Quote to appear as a template within the CRM. 

The template Quote will now appear at the level you set the template at, in the 'Based On' drop-down. 

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