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Configuring Attachments for Email Templates
Configuring Attachments for Email Templates

Set Word/PDF document templates to automatically attach when email templates are used to save time.

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Automatically attaching Word/PDF document templates will allow your users to quickly and easily send important documents to your prospects and customers. A great example of where this functionality can be beneficial is when users need to send a quotation to a customer. Users can select your email cover for quote attachments and will find their email populated and the quotation automatically attached, issuing the Quote in seconds!


  • You'll need CRM Admin rights in order to follow the steps in this article

  • Before setting the attachments you'll need to create the email template first - learn how to do this here

Step 1: Navigate to Configure Document Templates

To get started go to the 'Configure Document Templates' window right here.

Step 2: Click Pencil Icon

Click the pencil icon for the email template that you wish to attach a Word/PDF document to. For example, we'll add an attachment to the 'Email Cover for PDF Quote' email template.

Step 3: Select Attachment

After clicking the pencil icon, a side bar will appear. Scroll down to the bottom to find the 'Attachments' section. To add an attachment, click the plus button as shown below.

A pop-up will open displaying a list of your existing Word document templates. If you haven't yet created your Word document, we walk you the steps on how to do this in our article here.

Tick the documents that you wish to attach when the email template is used. Once happy with selection, click 'Update'.

Step 4: Send Document as PDF

Your chosen documents will then appear in the Attachments section. Here, you can then select whether the document is sent as its original file type, such as Word, or send it as a PDF.

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