Managing Email Attachments

This article outlines how to manage your email attachments when sending emails via the CRM.

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In Prospect, you have the ability to send emails to your CRM contacts. By sending emails via the CRM, you can use the CRM Email Templates and the email is automatically saved to the CRM. When sending your email via the CRM, you can also manage your attachments. 


  • An email attachment cannot exceed 10MB. If an attachment is over 10MB when sending from the CRM, you will be notified and the email will not send.

Step 1: Create an Email & Add Attachment

Create an email from the CRM by clicking on the email address displayed on the Contact. Then click on the 'Add Attachments' button. 

You'll then be presented with 4 different sections; My Computer, Existing Documents, New Documents and Attachments List.

My Computer

The My Computer section simply allows you to browse to a file saved on your PC by clicking on the 'Browse' button. Please note: you can choose to upload multiple files at any one time. You can view the upload progress in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. 

Existing Documents

Here you can choose to attach any documents which have already been created against the record. For example, if you'd already generated a proposal document using a Word document template, you can add the document as an attachment. You can add the file as the original file type or as a PDF. Once happy with your selection, click 'Attach'.  

New Documents

New Documents allows you to generate a new document using your standard document templates. Please note: only templates available at that level of the hierarchy will be available. For example, only Quote document templates are available to select from, due to this email being sent from a Quote. You can add the file as the original file type or as a PDF. Once happy with your selection, click 'Attach'. 

Attachment List

This is where all of the currently attached documents will be listed. This section allows you to review the documents attached and choose whether they're saved to the CRM.

Once happy with all of your attachments, click 'Close' and continue editing your email. 

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