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Attaching CRM Library Files to Emails
Attaching CRM Library Files to Emails

How to quickly attach CRM Library files to emails sent via the CRM.

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The CRM Library enables you to upload files to your CRM system so they can be easily referenced by the team. The CRM Library provides a folder structure enabling you to store both uploaded files and links to external resources, such as SharePoint. Click here to read more about how CRM Library can help your business.

In this help article, we'll focus on how to attach the files uploaded to CRM Library to emails sent via CRM.

Please note: this article assumes you've already uploaded your files to the CRM Library. If you've not done so already, please click here to see how to upload your files.

Step 1: Access Attachments from Send Email Window

Once you've composed your email that you wish to send to the recipient, click the 'Add Attachments' button.

Step 2: Find Required File within CRM Library

Navigate to the Library tab along the top of the Attachments window. Here, you'll find your CRM Library structure. Navigate through your file structure to find the required document. For example, here we're attaching the 'Product Brochure' featured in the 'Product Brochures' folder.

Step 3: Attach Required Files

Simply select the files you wish to attach (you can attach multiple files at once if needed). You can view the attachments that you've selected along the bottom of the Attachments window. Once happy with your selection, simply click the 'Close' button.


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