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Uploading Files to CRM Library
Uploading Files to CRM Library

How to upload files such as product brochures, specification documents, Terms & Conditions and more to the CRM Library.

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The CRM Library enables you to upload files to your CRM so they can be easily referenced by the team. The CRM Library provides a folder structure enabling you to store both uploaded files and links to external resources, such as SharePoint. Click here to read more about how CRM Library can help your business.

In this help article, we'll focus on how to upload files to the CRM Library.

Step 1: Open CRM Library

Click here to open the CRM Library.

Step 2: Add New Folder

Firstly, you may need to add a new folder to the CRM Library if you don't already have a folder created for the file that you need to upload. To create a new folder, simply navigate to the parent folder that you wish to create the new folder under. If you wish to add a new root folder, click the '+ New Folder' button located in the bottom left-hand corner.

Give the new folder a name and click 'OK'.

A new folder will then be added to the location you created it in.

Step 3: Option 1 - Drag and Drop Files to Upload

Finally, drag and drop the files from your desktop or computer's file browser to upload the files to the CRM Library.

Hint: You can upload multiple files in one go via the drag and drop functionality!

Step 4: Option 2 - Upload Files using File Browser or Create a Linked File

Alternatively, you can click the plus button in the top right-hand corner to upload files to the CRM Library.

You can then choose to either upload a file using your computer's file browser by selecting 'Upload Files' or choose to create a linked document such as a link to a SharePoint document using the 'Create a Link' option.

Please Note: Creating a Link is intended to help Users access internal documents such as, commonly used SharePoint or Google Docs files. You can't attach a Library Link record to an email or as an attachment.

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