If you have an integrated B2B eCommerce website or Trade Portal with Prospect, then you can associate CRM Library Files with Web Products and Web Product Groups. For example, you may have product specification documents for products featured on your website and it might be important that customers have access to these. You can upload the product specification documents to the CRM Library and associate them with Web Products on your Prospect eCommerce site. These documents will be appear on the product detail page as a download option. You can also associate CRM Library files with Web Product Groups. Click here to read more about how CRM Library can help your business.

Please note: this article assumes you've already uploaded your files to the CRM Library. If you've not done so already, please click here to see how to upload your files.

Step 1: Open CRM Library & Locate File

Click here to open the CRM Library and use your file structure to locate the required file.

Hint: You can use the search in the top right-hand corner to locate the required file.

Step 2: Set File as Public

Once you've found the required file that you'd like to add to a Web Product or Web Product Group, drill into the file by clicking the file name. The CRM Library file will then open and you'll be able to mark the file as 'Public'.

Hint: By marking the file as 'Public', this will give you a public link which you can give to customers so they can access the document.

Step 3: Associate CRM Library File with Product Item

Now that you've made the file public, you now need to associate the file with a product item. To do so, simply navigate to the Products page against the file and click the plus button in the top right-hand corner.

Search for and select the product you'd like to associate the file to.

Once happy with your selection, click the 'Create' button to associate the file with the product.

Hint: You can link documents to multiple product items by repeating this step again. You can also have multiple files linked to the same product item if required.

Once the document has been associated, a download link will be available on the product's detail page for this file.

Step 4: Associate CRM Library File to Web Product Groups

Not only can you associate CRM Library Files to Web Products, but you can also associate files to Web Product Groups. An example of where this might be useful is if you had a manufacturer's guide for a group of products.

Simply navigate to the Product Groups page instead this time, and click the plus button located in the top right-hand corner.

Search and select the Web Product Group you wish to associate this file to.

Once happy with your selection, click the 'Create' button to associate the file with the Web Product Group.

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