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How to Merge Linked Product Library Files to Document Templates
How to Merge Linked Product Library Files to Document Templates

Learn how to dynamically merge linked Product Library files to your Document Templates.

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For some businesses, it might be important to provide product specific information when quoting for certain products. For example, you may have product specification documents for products that you want to send customers when quoting. You can add a merge field to your email templates to dynamically attach the relevant product Library files.


  • You'll need CRM Admin rights in order to follow the steps in this article

Step 1: Navigate to a Product Item

Navigate to a Product item that has a linked product file using the Global Search.

Once on the Product item, click into the 'Images and Files' page on the left-hand side.

Step 2: Linking the Product to a File

Link the relevant files that you have set up in the CRM Library by selecting the plus button in the Linked Files area.

Select the Library file you want to link the product to, then click 'Create'.

Before continuing to the next step, ensure that the file is Public by clicking onto the file and selecting 'Yes' under the Public column. If you haven't uploaded your profile files to the CRM Library click here to learn more.

Step 3: Navigate to Document Templates in System Settings

Head back to the System Settings, search for 'Document Templates' and select 'Click to Configure'.

Click the pencil icon for the document you'd like the linked product files to appear within, and click 'Edit' in the sidebar.

Step 4: Add the Product File Link Merge Field to Document Template

To include the merge field needed to dynamically show the linked product files, scroll down to the 'Additional Data' section within the Field Selector on the right-hand side, and select 'Product Library File (Links)'. Once selected, this will appear on your template to the left as '{lines.files}'.

Step 5: Use on Quotes

When using the email template on a Quote, it'll automatically attach that file for the relevant products and give you a download link for it.

Navigate to a Quote and send out an email using this merge field so that your customer can preview and download the product image. The below screenshot is an example of how your email will look when using this feature.

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