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Understanding how the CRM Library in Prospect could help your business.

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The CRM Library in Prospect enables you to upload files to your CRM system so they can be easily referenced by the team. The CRM Library provides a folder structure enabling you to store both uploaded files and links to external resources, such as SharePoint.

Here are just two ways that the CRM Library could benefit your business:

1. Attaching CRM Library Files to Emails

Once you've uploaded your files to the CRM Library, these can then be attached to emails sent via the CRM. For example, you may need to send an introductory brochure to new prospects. After uploading the brochure to the CRM Library, your users can quickly attach this to emails sent via the CRM. Click here to learn how to attach files from the CRM Library to emails.

In addition, you can automatically attach CRM Library files when an email template is used. For example, you may need to send a Terms & Conditions document whenever a Quote is sent to a customer. Within the CRM, you can automatically attach this CRM Library file whenever you use your Email Quote Template. Click here to learn how to automatically attach CRM Library Files to email templates.

2. Associate CRM Library Files with Web Products & Web Product Groups

If you have an integrated B2B eCommerce website or Trade Portal with Prospect, you can also associate CRM Library Files with Web Products and Web Product Groups. For example, you may have product specification documents for products featured on your website and it might be important that customers have access to these. You can upload the product specification documents to the CRM Library and associate them with the Web Products. These documents will be appear on the product detail page as a download option. You can also associate CRM Library files with Web Product Groups. Click here to learn more.

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