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Adding a Document to a Record

This article outlines how you can add a document and create a document template against a record within the CRM.

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Step 1: Open Record

You can add a document to a Company, Contact, Opportunity, Problem or Quote record. Once you've opened the required record, you can either create a new document by using the quick add option or from the Documents page. 

Step 2: Using Quick Add or Documents

To use the quick add option, click the plus icon at the top of the record and select the Document option. 

To create a document, go to the Documents page on the left-hand side, then click the plus icon in the top-right hand corner. 

Both of these options will give you the below new document record window.

  • Use Template: This option enables you to choose and create one of your standard document Word or Excel templates. 

  • Upload Files: Using this option you'll be able to select a file to save into the CRM from your file browser. 

  • External Link: This option will allow you to save a URL as a document, e.g. a link to a SharePoint document. 

  • Send an Email: If you choose this option, it'll open the new email creation window, where you can choose to compose a personalised email or use a standard email template. 

  • Upload a Photo: If you're using a mobile device then this option will use your phone's camera to take a photo and save it against the record you have open. 

  • Drag Files Here: Here, you can drag and drop a file from your desktop or file browser to upload to the CRM. By default, it'll take the file name as the document description. 

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