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Marking Documents as Important/Pinning Documents
Marking Documents as Important/Pinning Documents

Here are some ways you can make your Documents stand out so they don't get missed!

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When saving a Document into the CRM, you may need to make it stand out amongst the rest of the Documents in the list so it's easier to find, particularly if the list of Documents has become lengthy. A couple of reasons why you may want to highlight your Documents in a list using the 'Important' or pinning features could be:

  • To help you or a colleague resolve a customer issue more quickly

  • To help a colleague secure a repeat business sale whilst you're on holiday

There are 2 ways in which you can make Documents more prominent in a list:

  1. Mark it as 'Important'

  2. Pin it to the top of the list

Marking Documents as 'Important'

Marking Documents as 'Important' is a great way to help CRM users identify which Documents they need to pay more attention to. 

To do this, find the Document you'd like to mark as 'Important', move your mouse to the right-hand side under the exclamation mark column, and click the icon when it appears. This will apply an orange exclamation mark icon next to the Document.

Pinning Documents

Pinning a Document so that it appears at the very top of the list of Documents can also be a good option, especially if you just want to make the Document easier to find for yourself or other users.

To pin your Document, simply move your mouse to the left-hand side under the pin column, and click the pin icon when it appears. It'll then move this document to the top of the Documents list!

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