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Uploading a Photo Using a Mobile Device
Uploading a Photo Using a Mobile Device

This article outlines how to upload a photo to the CRM, using a mobile device.

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Within the CRM, you're able to use your mobile device's camera to take photos and upload these against a record. This is pretty useful, for example if you complete inspection services and need to provide photo evidence.

You can upload a photo to a Company, Contact, Opportunity, Problem or Quote. 

Step 1: Open Record

Once you've opened the required record, you can either upload a new photo by using the quick add option or from the documents page. 

Step 2: Using Quick Add or Documents

To use the quick add option, click the plus icon in the top right-hand corner of the record and select the Document option. 

To create a document, select the Documents page on the left-hand side, then click the plus icon in the top right-hand corner. 

Both of these options will give you the below new record window. 

If you click on the 'Upload a Photo' option, this will then open up your mobile device's camera. Once you've taken the photo and confirmed it can use this photo, the CRM will then upload it to the CRM record. 

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