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Connect your apps with Prospect CRM and learn more about making the most of our integration capabilities.

Full Integration Capabilities for Cin7 Core (DEAR Inventory)Understand exactly what we integrate between your CRM and Cin7 Core (DEAR Inventory)
Obsoleting Products in XeroMarking old products inactive in Xero won't make them obsolete in the CRM - this guide explains how to make products obsolete in both!
Setting up Integration to QuickBooks Commerce (TradeGecko)It's quick and easy to set up integration to QuickBooks Commerce (TradeGecko), one of our Cloud Inventory Management partner apps...
Setting up Integration to KatanaIt's quick and easy to set up integration to Katana cloud inventory software. Let us show you how...
Setting up Klaviyo Integration (Preview)It's quick and easy to set up integration to Klaviyo. Let us show you how...
Setting up Enquiry Creation Webhooks in KlaviyoFollow these steps to create a new flow, which will fire our webhook whenever a new contact subscribes to your list in Klaviyo
Klaviyo SynchronisationLearn more about the Contact sync from the CRM to Klaviyo
Cloud Integration GuideThis article outlines how our Cloud Orchestrated Integration works.
Setting up Integration to FactoryMasterIf you'd like to request for your Free Trial to be integrated to Access FactoryMaster, follow these simple steps!
Common Order Confirmation ErrorsThis article outlines some common errors that occur on order confirmation and how to resolve them.
Adding Mintsoft as a Secondary ConnectionHere's how to add Mintsoft as a secondary connection if your CRM is already integrated to Xero.
Full Integration Capabilities for MintsoftUnderstand exactly what we integrate between the CRM and Mintsoft as a secondary connection.
Save to CRM Outlook & Gmail Add-insThis article summarises the benefits of using the Save to CRM Add-ins from Outlook and Gmail and how to install them!