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Common Order Confirmation Errors
Common Order Confirmation Errors

This article outlines some common errors that occur on order confirmation and how to resolve them.

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Whilst we continually work hard to improve the CRM integrations sometimes things don't always go right. If you have any issues with confirming orders and it is not addressed below, please reach out to Support who will be happy to help!

ERP/Accounting System Specific Errors

Cloud ERP/Accounting Systems


The Guid <guid> does not map to a valid Customer

The Unleashed account assigned to the Quote is no longer valid in Unleashed. Please review why this is and take appropriate action. You can either change the Unleashed Account connected to the Company, by following this guide, or opening the account again in Unleashed.

Cin7 Core

You have reached 60 calls per 60 seconds API Limit

Cin7 Core implements an API use limit which means the CRM integration can only use it 60 times per 60 seconds. If this error occurs when trying to confirm an Order, please wait 60 seconds or more before retrying confirming the Quote.

ShippingAddress has invalid country field

The CRM "Country" field must match the Country field in Cin7 Core. Please confirm the Company Address and the Cin7 Core Customer Address have the exact same Country set. For example, if the country field in DEAR has the "Country" as "United States" under address and the CRM has the "Country" in address as "United States of America" the accounting system will not confirm this order as those are two different things.


UnprocessableEntityError ()\nincorrect customer id

The Quote is trying to confirm against a Sales Ledger with the Incorrect ID. Please ensure that the target ledger on the Quote matches the ledger that you wish to confirm the order to.

UnprocessableEntityError ()\nvariant id is invalid

The error variant id is invalid means you have a deleted Product on the CRM Quote and so Katana cannot accept it. Please review all Quote Lines and check the Product is active and sellable within Katana.

Cin7 Omni

Member Id XXX not found.

The ID of the Sales Ledger that we are trying to confirm the quote to cannot be found in Cin7 Omni. Please navigate to the Company record for the Quote and review the Sales Ledger attached. The Sales Ledger must not be closed or inactive, check out this guide for more details on how to set a Sales Ledger.


The TaxType code <taxcode>does not exist or cannot be used for this type of transaction.

Xero tracks the sale of certain items on a specific ledger set on the product in Xero. In this case, the error is notifying you that the Ledger which is set to track these products has a different tax code on and would not accept the Tax set on the CRM Quote. We recommend you check the Tax Rate accepted by the Product Ledger in Xero for all the Quote Lines. This needs to match the Vat Rate on the Product Item, in the CRM, you are trying to confirm.

TaxType code '<taxcode>' cannot be used with account code '<accountcode>'.

When confirming an order to Xero, the Quoteline Tax code must match the Sales Ledger tax code. If these do not match, Xero will reject the order as the ledger will not be able to process the different tax code. This also includes any delivery products or Quote level delivery charges as they are sent as Quote Lines. Please review the Tax Codes and make sure they are aligned.

On Premise ERP/Accounting Systems


Unable to connect to Sage data - Username is already in use

For the CRM and Sage integration to run, the software runs using a Sage User. If this User is being used by something other than the integration, the integration cannot run. The quickest way to solve this is by logging into Sage using the Systems user, Sage should prompt you to sign out other instances of the user to log in; select Yes.

You can now logout of Sage with this User and retry the order.

Please Note: you might need to restart services once signing the integration User out of Sage. Learn how to restart services here.

Unable to start order: Failed to start New Sales Order - Sales Account Ref not entered

This error is notifying you that the Sales Ledger name is too long. Sage supports a maximum of 8 characters for ledger codes. Please reduce the Sales Ledger code to 8 characters or fewer.

Unable to connect to Sage data <Sage Data Path>: Licensed To not entered

If this error occurs please contact the Support Team here or via the Online Chat. This indicates there is an issue with your integration with Sage due to a Sage Upgrade. When reaching out to Support please let them know what version of Sage you upgraded to!

Unable to start order: Failed to start New Sales Order - Not connected to Line 50 Data

If this error occurs please contact the Support Team here or via the Online Chat. This indicates there is an issue with your integration with Sage for Order Confirmation.


​​​​Unable to perform pre-order validation checks on the Sales Ledger.

​The Sales Ledger is being modified/locked in Opera by another process. Please wait for the lock to clear before attempting confirmation again.

Unable to find the VAT rate.

Please check the VAT used has been set up in Opera exactly as shown in the CRM. If the error persists please contact the Support team.

Record is not Locked

This error is caused when someone is trying to edit something on the CRM Quote record while the order is trying to confirm. Please ensure no work is being completed on the Quote when it is in Awaiting Confirmation.

You might want to learn more about preventing users editing Quote records in certain statuses here.

The given key was not present in the dictionary

This issue occurs when there is a Product on the Quote that is not in Opera. You can enable CRM Product creation by following this guide here which will avoid this error in the future. Equally, you can remove the Product not created in Opera or create the Product in Opera.


The Sales Ledger account Is currently closed. The order confirmation was cancelled.

This is happening because the Sales Ledger on the Quote is marked as 'On-Stop'. Please rectify this in Exchequer and reconfirm the Quote.

Invalid Stock Location Code.

The CRM Quote has an incorrect Warehouse Code set.

An order for this quotation already exists in Exchequer

Exchequer believes there is already an Order with the Order Number in Exchequer. Please double check this is not the case in Exchequer. You can either remove the duplicate order check here or reach out to Support.

Invalid Intrastat Delivery Terms

Intrastat delivery terms are not managed within the CRM but Exchequer has rejected the Quote due to a irregularity in this data. Please review in Exchequer before reconfirming the order.

Exchequer Support has previously given us the following advice:

"For accounts in Exchequer that have 'EC Member' ticked, these accounts will need to have default Intrastat details as default on the account in Exchequer. These fields are 'Delivery Terms' and 'Transport Method'. These are found in the 'defaults' tab the account record, just below the 'EC Member' tick switch.”

Failed to perform detail action: ue_detailaction_confirmorder

The usual cause of this error is due to the Products not having a default warehouse set. Please review and contact Support if the error persists.

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