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Benefits of an Integrated CRM
Benefits of an Integrated CRM

Benefit from all the exciting Stock-Aware features in the CRM and set up the integration to your Accounting/Inventory Management System.

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Why is integration important?

In many businesses, most of their valuable customer information like Stock, Customer Credit Limits, Sales History and Special Pricing is buried inside their Accounting System. Integration enables them to extract this critical information and make it accessible to the rest of the business. This allows customer-facing teams to become ‘Stock-Aware’ too, as this valuable information becomes available to them in the sales process.

Many systems promise integration...what's different about our CRM?

Integration is our thing! We don't just integrate a few bits of data, or add a few basic links, we do proper integration. Our integration layer is two-way, constantly running and updating data from taxes and currencies, to customers, products, inventory, orders, shipments and invoices.

Integration Benefits

There are plenty of benefits to integrating your Accounting or Inventory Management System to the CRM. Here are just some of the immediate benefits you'll gain:

  • If you're using an on-premise Accounting System (like Pegasus Opera), you can bring the data stored in this system to life in a modern cloud CRM solution through integration, whilst reducing the load on your Accounting System's server.

  • Historic data can be pulled into the CRM too, so if you're migrating from something like Sage 50 over to Xero and Unleashed, we can connect to Sage 50 first, to gather full line item sales history and invoice history. Then, with some careful planning, your new Unleashed system can be connected to the same CRM account, and simply continue building on your old Sage 50 history - without any data loss.

  • Your customer facing teams can call and visit the right customers at the right time, as they'll be equipped with analysis immediately to hand from your back-office system. This includes information like sales history for each customer, any special discounts/pricing, credit limits etc.

  • Customer facing staff can produce accurate quotations and sales orders out in the field based on all your back-office's product file and pricing.

  • With just a click of a button, orders can be confirmed directly into the Accounting/Inventory Management System directly from your quotations.

  • Others in the business can then accurately report on sales efficiency, effectiveness and pipeline.

  • Our Stock-Aware CRM enables Sales teams to sell from the entire product range using dynamic product creation, meaning they can sell more from a larger catalogue of products than just what's in the stock file.

Want to learn more on this topic? Check out our blog here on why integrating your existing back-office/Inventory Management Software to our Stock-Aware CRM is critical for B2B Wholesalers, Distributors and Manufacturers.

Integration = Power!

Setting Up the Integration

Below are links to our integration set up guides for all our App Partners:

For further information about any of our integration partnerships, visit

Should you experience any issues when setting up the integration, remember that our Customer Success team are on hand to help out, so don't hesitate to get in contact with us here or start a chat conversation with us from the help icon in the app, or the chat link on our website. You can also check the status of your integration by following these steps.

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