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We are proud to have unparalleled integration with leading Accounting/ERP and Inventory Management Systems. Learn more about our partners!

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Prospect CRM is a Stock-Aware CRM because of its unparalleled integration framework to almost any ERP/Accounting System, and partnerships with approved native integration to leading back-office Accounting Systems and Inventory Management Systems, including:

Why is Integration Important?

In many businesses, most of their valuable customer information like Stock, Customer Credit Limits, Sales History and Special Pricing is buried inside their Accounting System. Integration enables them to extract this critical information and make it accessible to the rest of the business. This allows customer-facing teams to become ‘Stock-Aware’ too, as this valuable information becomes available to them in the sales process. 

At ProspectSoft, we don't just integrate a few bits of data, or add a few basic links, we do proper integration. Our integration layer is two-way, constantly running and updating data from taxes and currencies, to customers, products, inventory, orders, shipments and invoices.

We've listed some of the top benefits here to integrating your back-office system to Prospect!

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