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Klaviyo Synchronisation
Klaviyo Synchronisation

Learn more about the Contact sync from Prospect CRM to Klaviyo

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Please note: this feature is in Preview at the moment, which means we're still making a few tweaks here and there to make it even better.

For information on setting up Klaviyo for the first time, check out this guide.

Contacts Synchronised with Klaviyo

When importing Contacts to Klaviyo, you need to set which Company Types and Contact Roles for the contacts you want to be synced. The number of Contacts shown that fit the Company Type and Contact Role criteria also includes those who are 'Unsubscribed' within Prospect CRM.

Only Contacts matching the Contact Roles and Company Types filters with a valid email address will be synchronised into Klaviyo. You can configure these settings using the drop-downs:

  • 'Contact roles that should be synchronised'

  • 'Company types that should be synchronised'

You can specify a maximum number of Contacts to be exported during the initial import and subsequent bulk updates in order to avoid going over your Klaviyo subscription limits. This limit only affects how many Contacts are exported to Klaviyo in a single export - individual Contacts added afterwards will still go through. Please check your Klaviyo subscription to set this to a value based on your current Klaviyo usage.

Not all Contacts which meet the criteria will appear in Klaviyo. Contacts with invalid or empty email addresses will be automatically excluded as they won't be accepted by Klaviyo. Prospect CRM will also only create a Contact in Klaviyo if a Contact with the same email address doesn't exist already in Klaviyo.

The sync between Klaviyo and the CRM occurs 15 minutes after the end of the previous sync, and any records updated in that time will be queued for syncing. The time a sync takes depends on how many updates need to be done.

Klaviyo Marketing List

When you first connect Prospect CRM to Klaviyo you can select the list in which new Contacts will be placed in. This list can be changed using the drop-down:

  • 'Select the default marketing list to synchronise with'

The list change will not backdate. It only affects new Contacts synchronised from the time it was changed.

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