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Adding Contacts to a List in Klaviyo
Adding Contacts to a List in Klaviyo

Understanding how to tag contacts in Klaviyo from CRM reports to help build targeted audiences.

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Please note: this feature is in Preview at the moment, which means we're still making a few tweaks here and there to make it even better.

Klaviyo Lists are areas you create to help organise your contacts before sending targeted e-shots.

If you haven't already connected your CRM to Klaviyo please click here to find out how.

Step 1: Navigate to a CRM report or Campaign Activity

Firstly, navigate to your CRM Report or Campaign Activity that you wish to tag Contacts from. For example, we may wish to tag Contacts from a Campaign Activity for a Summer Sale Email. If you want to learn more on creating a campaign, click here.

Step 2: Add to a Klaviyo List

Once you've created a report or Campaign with all the contacts you wish to add to a Klaviyo List and are ready to add them, click the three dots to open the further options menu. Select the 'Add to Klaviyo List' option from this menu.

Step 3: Choose which List to add the Contacts to

You'll then be able to choose which list to add the contacts too. Make sure this is something useful that you and others will be able to find later. It's recommended the List is called something related to the reason you are grouping them. In this instance, a List called Summer Sale would be used.

It also tells you in the pop-up how many customers will be added to the list. Only contacts in Klaviyo will be added to the list. Any contacts in your report that are not in Klaviyo will not be added.

Step 4: Adding to a New List

You can also create a new list from the CRM to add contacts too. You can do so by scrolling to the bottom of the dropdown list a select 'Create new Marketing List'.

Step 5: Click Add!

Once you have selected your List, press Add.

You can now view this list in Klaviyo where the contacts from the report will show.

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