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Tagging Contacts in Mailchimp
Tagging Contacts in Mailchimp

Understanding how to tag contacts in Mailchimp from CRM reports to help build targeted audiences.

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Mailchimp Tags are labels you create to help organise your contacts before sending targeted e-shots. Based on feedback from our users, tagging contacts straight from the CRM into Mailchimp was seen as extremely useful for creating strategic email campaigns. As a result, you can now tag contacts in Mailchimp straight from CRM Reports and Campaign Activities.

If you haven't already connected your CRM to Mailchimp please click here to find out how.

Step 1: Navigate to CRM Report or Campaign Activity

Firstly, navigate to your CRM Report or Campaign Activity that you wish to tag Contacts from. For example, we may wish to tag Contacts from the 'Customers who bought X but not Y' Report. Make sure you have applied the relevant filters to get the correct list of Contacts.

Step 2: Tagging Contacts for Mailchimp

Once you've finished applying your filters and are now ready to tag the Contacts in Mailchimp, click the three dots to open the further options menu. Select the 'Tag In Mailchimp' option from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Name Mailchimp Tag

You'll then be able to name the Mailchimp tag. Make sure this is something useful so your Marketing team understand the purpose of this tag. For example, if you were trying to upsell to these customers, you could add this to the tag. Once happy with the tag, click the 'OK' button and all contacts will be tagged if they exist in Mailchimp.

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