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Using tags to help profile your Company & Contacts.

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Tagging records is a flexible tool, helping to profile and categorise your Companies or Contacts within the CRM. Tags can be used to filter lists of Contacts or Companies when reporting, enabling you to efficiently segment your CRM Contacts. For example, if you were a sports-based company, you may wish to add Tags to Contacts indicating which sports they're interested in, including "Football", "Rugby", "Tennis", "Cricket" etc.

Step 1: Set Tags

To set a new Tag, click the three dots located in the top right-hand corner of a Contact or a Company and select 'Set Tags'. In this example, we'll add a new Tag to a Contact.

Please note: for all CRM users to be able to implement tags, you'll need update the Tag Configuration section of the Settings Centre. To do this, head to the System Settings in the navigation menu, and search for 'tag' in the search bar, then switch to 'All Users'.

Step 2: Create New Tag

Click the 'Create a new Tag' button.

Step 3: Choose a Colour for New Tag

To help identify the Tags set, you can associate a colour with each of the Tags. Please choose your preferred colour, then give the new Tag a name such as 'Rugby' and click 'Save'.

Step 4: Assign Tag

Now that you've added your new Tag, you can assign this to a Contact or a Company. To do this, simply click on the Tag you wish to assign and a tick will appear to show they've successfully been assigned this Tag.

To add more Tags, simply click the 'Configure' button and repeat Step 3.

Now that you've assigned the Contact or Company the new Tag, you'll be able to see this along the top of the record.

As previously mentioned, you can also use Tags as Filters within Reports. For example, you could Filter the 'All Contacts' Report to only show Contacts with a Tag of 'Rugby'.

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