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Setting up Enquiry Creation Webhooks in Klaviyo
Setting up Enquiry Creation Webhooks in Klaviyo

Follow these steps to create a new flow, which will fire our webhook whenever a new contact subscribes to your list in Klaviyo

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  • Enable Enquiry creation in your Klaviyo settings

  • Copy the webhook URL, which you will find once Enquiry creation is enabled in your Klaviyo settings

Webhook Setup

Step 1: Navigate to Klaviyo Flows

From the left-hand-side navigation menu in your Klaviyo account, select “Flows”.

Step 2: Create Flow

To create the flow, click 'Create flow' and select 'Create from Scratch'.

Give the Flow a name e.g. "CRM Enquiries" and click 'Create Flow'.

Step 3: Choose 'List' Trigger

Next, choose 'List' as what will trigger this Flow. This means that people will enter this Flow when they are added to a specific list.

Select a list, then click 'Done'.

Step 4: Add Webhook to Flow

Now, drag and drop a new “Webhook” action onto your flow.

Step 5: Paste Webhook URL

In the destination URL, paste in the webhook URL you found in your Klaviyo settings (see Prerequisites).

In the JSON BODY section, paste in the below information:

{ "AddressLine1": "{{ person|lookup:'$address1'|default:'' }}", "AddressLine2": "{{ person|lookup:'$address2'|default:'' }}", "AddressLine3": "{{ person.City|default:'' }}", "AddressLine4": "{{ person.Region|default:'' }}", "CompanyName": "{{ person.organization|default:'' }}", "Country": "{{ person.Country|default:'' }}", "Email": "{{|default:'' }}", "Forename": "{{ person.first_name|default:'' }}", "PhoneNumber": "{{ person.phone_number|default:'' }}", "Postcode": "{{ person.Zipcode|default:'' }}", "Surname": "{{ person.last_name|default:'' }}", "Title": "{{ person.title|default:'' }}" }

Step 6: Test

To test your webhook, select 'Preview Webhook'.

Click 'Send Test Request' to check that your webhook works.

Step 7: Finalise & Save

Click 'Save' then 'Review and Turn On' to review and finalise your workflow.

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