It's quick and easy to add Contacts from a Report to a Campaign Activity, where you can then mail merge these Contacts to Spotler to send out your e-shots!

Step 1: Create a Report

To help start building your target lists quickly, we'd recommend using the standard Contact Reports and the Report Builder. However, you may wish to create your own Report and apply your own filters.

In this example, we're building our own Report, and creating a list of all Contacts with a Company Type of 'Customer' and 'Supplier', which can be shown below.

Step 2: Add to Campaign Activity

Once you've built your Report, and added the appropriate filters to remove any unwanted Contacts, click on the further options (three dots) in the right-hand corner and select 'Add to Campaign Activity'. 

Step 3: Locate Campaign Activity

You'll then need to search for the Campaign Activity that you wish to add your Contacts to by either using a relevant search term e.g 'Promotion', or by typing in the Campaign Activity's ID. 

Once you've found the correct Campaign Activity, click 'Select'. A message will appear, stating that the Contacts will be added to this Campaign Activity if you click 'Accept'. Simply click 'Accept' if you're happy to proceed. 

The Contacts will then be added to the Campaign Activity in the background and once completed a green message will flash up in the top right-hand corner, confirming that the Contacts have now been added successfully! 

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