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Adding a Contact to a Campaign Activity
Adding a Contact to a Campaign Activity

This article outlines how to add a Contact to an existing Campaign Activity.

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Campaign Activities contain lists of Contacts who will be sent a marketing communication. Targeted Contacts can be added to Campaign Activities, either from Reports, or on an individual basis from the Contact level.

Step 1: Locate Contact

Firstly, you'll need to find the appropriate Contact using the global search in the top right-hand corner of the CRM.

Step 2: Add to Campaign Activity

On a Contact, simply click on the further options (three dots) in the right-hand corner and select 'Add to Campaign Activity'.

Step 3: Locate Campaign Activity

You'll then need to search for the Campaign Activity that you wish to add your Contact to by either using a relevant search term e.g 'Promotion', or by typing in the Campaign Activity's ID. 

Once added, the Campaign Activity will show up on the Contact's record, and the Contact will show up on the Campaign Activity too. 

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