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Adding Mintsoft as a Secondary Connection
Adding Mintsoft as a Secondary Connection

Here's how to add Mintsoft as a secondary connection if your CRM is already integrated to Xero.

Written by Katie Brown
Updated over a week ago


Step 1: Navigate to your Operating Company

Navigate to your Operating Company within System Settings to establish Mintsoft as your Secondary Connection. Or to be taken straight there, click here.

You can then go into the Operating Company by selecting the name or pencil icon.

Step 2: Edit Integration Connections

Underneath your Xero Primary Connection, you'll see the option to configure a Secondary Connection. Select the pencil icon to open the pop-up window to connect to Mintsoft.

Step 3: Log in to Mintsoft

After selecting the pencil icon to configure your Secondary Connection, you can now select Mintsoft as a connection.

You'll need a Mintsoft static API Key, generated by a Mintsoft Admin, to connect. For help on how to get this, check out this Mintsoft guide here!

Once you've entered the Mintsoft Bearer Token, complete the setup by selecting 'Connect To Mintsoft'.


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