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Full Integration Capabilities for Mintsoft
Full Integration Capabilities for Mintsoft

Understand exactly what we integrate between the CRM and Mintsoft as a secondary connection.

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  • You'll need to have your CRM Workspace integrated to Mintsoft

What is Mintsoft?

Mintsoft is an Order Management System which allows users to handle the end to end order fulfilment process. The CRM integration focuses on Mintsoft’s 3PL warehouse management system that puts your customers at the heart of your operations.

What's Integrated?

Our Mintsoft integration is a great addition to your primary Xero integration if you're a 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) business! Our integration allows you to input your data into one central place and having it all link between Xero, Mintsoft and the CRM. Gone are the days of entering customer details into Mintsoft and Xero separately - simply enter it once into the CRM and let us do the rest for you!

How long does a Mintsoft import take?

The Mintsoft integration works alongside your primary Xero integration. This means the sync will occur at the end of your Xero sync which happens 15 minutes after the end of the previous sync. Any records updated in that time will be queued for syncing. You can learn how to check your current integration state here.


Anytime you create a new Xero Sales Ledger within the CRM, our integration will then go ahead and also create that customer in Mintsoft for you! In the next import, the CRM will match the Xero and Mintsoft customers by name and import the Mintsoft invoice data.

The CRM integration won't import any customer data from Mintsoft such as Customer Name, Address etc.

Unconfirmed invoices

You can view your customers rolling total of un-invoiced fees and charges within the CRM under Sales Transaction or the Orders section. Once the invoice has been confirmed in Mintsoft, we'll import the new, unconfirmed invoice data.

Each Mintsoft customer in the CRM will have an entry in their Sales History which consists of:

  • Picking Cost

  • Postage Cost

  • Rework Cost

  • Packaging Cost

  • Generic Invoice Items Cost

  • Collection Cost

  • Returns Cost

  • Goods-In Cost

  • Storage Cost

  • Admin Fee

These lines are easy to see as they'll always have the Order Number containing "Rolling Invoice".

To see where we get this data from in Mintsoft, please visit this link, then selecting your 3PL customer and head into the unconfirmed Invoices section.

Please note: You're unable to report on any historic Mintsoft data within the CRM as the system only stores current data.

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