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Performing Bulk Updates
Performing Bulk Updates

Save time by performing bulk updates from a CRM Report - useful when bulk-assigning Account Managers, Industries, Priorities etc.

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The Bulk Update tool allows you to quickly update large volumes of your CRM records at all levels of the hierarchy including standard and custom fields. 


Step 1: Navigate to Further Options Menu

The Bulk Update tool can be accessed by clicking the further options menu (three dots) and clicking on the Perform Bulk Action option from a Report. 

Step 2: Select Records

By clicking on the Perform Bulk Action option you can then select the records you wish to update from the Report, whether that be all or a select few. 

Once happy with your selection, click 'Choose Action'. 

Within the Bulk Action Tool you have three different options:

  • Move Records (Change Parent): Move the records to be under a different record. For example, moving all Opportunities from one Contact to another. 

  • Update Fields: Change a particular field on records selected. For example, update all Sales Person on the Opportunities from a previous employee to a new starter in your Sales team. Custom fields are included.

  • Update Tags: Add or Remove tags set on the records.

  • Delete Records: This will delete all records selected.

  • Restore Records: This will restore all records selected to be active if deleted.

For Contact records you'll also have the option to:

  • Mark as 'Left Company': Marking the selected Contacts as left company.

  • Convert to B2C: If you have B2B records, this will convert them to B2C records.

  • Convert B2C to B2B: This will change the B2C records to be B2B records.

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