Using the Report Builder, you can create custom Reports to better analyse key data from the CRM.  

Whilst the Report Builder gives you powerful reporting capabilities with just a few clicks, there may be scenarios where you need to export this data to Excel for further analysis (e.g. create pivot tables etc.). 


  • You'll need CRM Print Lists rights within the CRM to use this - click here to select the user who needs the rights, and select 'CRM Print Lists' 

Step 1: Open a Report

The first step is to open a saved Report. If you're creating a Report from scratch, make sure you save it using the save icon in the top right-hand corner before trying to export it.

On the Report, click the further options (three dots) and choose 'Save to Excel' from the drop-down.

Once selected, a popup will appear letting you know that your file is being prepared.

Please note: the Excel function will be disabled if the system predicts that a Report will take more than 10 minutes to generate. It'll also disable if you've already started an Excel document generation and not closed the popup.

Step 2: Open your Excel File

This will automatically generate and download an Excel spreadsheet. Simply click on the Excel file to open it.

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