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Saving a Report to Excel
Saving a Report to Excel

This article will detail the process of Exporting a Report from the CRM to Excel.

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Using the Report Builder, you can create custom Reports to better analyse key data from the CRM.  

Whilst the Report Builder gives you powerful reporting capabilities with just a few clicks, there may be scenarios where you need to export this data to Excel for further analysis (e.g. create pivot tables etc.). This is also a way to export data in a digestible format for use in third-party software.


  • You'll need Export Lists rights to be able to do this. You can configure this permission in User Management. If you do not have 'Save to Excel' as an option in the three-dot menu, you do not have Export permission and will need an Admin to review this.

Step 1: Open a Report

The first step is to open a saved Report. If you're creating a Report from scratch, make sure you save it using the save icon in the top right-hand corner before trying to export it.

Step 2: Select Save to Excel from menu

In the top right of the report, click the three-dot menu and choose 'Save to Excel' from the drop-down. This will start the export.

Step 3: Wait for the report to download

Once selected, a popup will appear letting you know that your file is being prepared.

Once the report has been prepared you will get another popup to let you know the progress of the download. At this point you can click away from the popup and carry on using the CRM. The download will continue in the background.

Some reports are so quick the above popup doesn't appear and you get straight to the download popup! The final popup shows the amount of rows which have been downloaded to Excel as well as a button to download the file.

Step 3: Open your Excel File

You can either download the file from the button on the popup but you will also be emailed a copy of the download.

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