Exporting Product Information

This article outlines how to export product information from the CRM.

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Product information is usually imported from your Accounting System, but can be created via the CRM. Sometimes, you may also need to export your product information from the CRM for reviewing or editing purposes. You can export all data from the CRM to Excel but the guide below shows how to export Product Data.


  • You will need CRM Export List rights in order to follow the steps in this article.

Step 1: Navigate to a Products Report

To export Product Information you will need to first find a Product Report. To make things quick, you can use a standard 'All Products' report, click here. Using your own report will also work.

If you wish to learn how to filter a report please head to the Filtering Your Data Guide, here.

Step 2: Select from the Three Dot menu

Expand the three dot menu on the right hand side of the report. Select the option 'Save to Excel'.

Step 3: Wait for the Export to Complete

Once you have chosen Save to Excel, your export will start. You can monitor it's progress with the small pop-up provided. You can also click away from this screen and the export will continue to run in the background.

The amount of time the export takes is directly related to how big the report you are exporting is.

Step 4: Access the Download file.

Once completed, the export will email you with a copy of the exported Excel file. You can download the export from the email or by pressing the Download button from the pop-up screen (if the pop-up was kept open). This pop-up screen will also tell you how many Rows were exported.

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