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Importing Product Items
Importing Product Items

This article outlines how to import new Products to the CRM, without an Accounting System integration.

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Whilst we strongly recommend integrating your Accounting/ERP/Inventory Management System, you can still create and update Product Items in the CRM using our Data Importer tool.

If you wish to bulk update Products via Excel please follow this guide on a Product report, here.


  • You'll need CRM Admin rights in order to follow the steps in this article

Creating new Products

To create new Products you will need to navigate to our Data Importer tool. The Product Importer can be found in People & Places menu option or by following this link. To learn more about the Data Import you can see this guide.

Step 1: Navigate to Data Importer

Once within our Data Importer found in People & Places, you can select 'Product Items' from the 'Create new records' button.

Step 2: Generate Import Template

Once the 'Product Item' import has been selected you'll need to tick all the data fields you want included in your spreadsheet remembering to click "Show More" to ensure you don't miss any.

It will then generate an Excel template with some sample data for you to review before adding your own data. The template can be downloaded using the 'Download' button.

Step 3: Select Spreadsheet for Import

Once you have downloaded the template and populated it with your data you can now import this into the CRM. You can drag and drop the template into the space provided or select it from File Manager when pressed.

Don't worry if the pop up has disappeared in the time you edited the spreadsheet. Follow the above steps again but instead of 'Generate Template' press 'Next'. This will take you straight through to the new page but, make sure the correct fields are selected.

Don't forget to remove the sample data before beginning the import!

You will get a preview of your data and the fields you are inputting before you continue. This allows you to just double check to added the right spreadsheet with correct data on.

Step 4: Start the Import

Press 'Next' to kick off the Products import!

You will get a progress bar whilst the data is being uploaded. The data has to be uploaded to our servers before we can start creating the records in the CRM. This shouldn't take too long but it will depend on the amount of data you are creating. Please do not click away from this window else the Import will stop.

The Products will now be created and you can monitor how it's doing by seeing what row it's on! You are welcome to close this pop up now as the import can run in the background. You will be emailed once this has been completed.

Step 5: Import is now complete!

Once the Import has finished, you can now view these records in the CRM. It will also track the Import back on the main page where you can download the template again if you needed to check what was done or who did the Import.

CRM Products will not automatically be created in your Accounting/ERP/Inventory Management System. They are CRM only products unless you have Product Creation enabled at the point of Order Confirmation and integrate to a supported Accounting/ERP/Inventory Management System. Please see this guide for more information, here.

Please note: Products created in the CRM can't then be edited unless they are in your Accounting/ERP/Inventory Management System or by using the Update via Excel feature.

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