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This article outlines how you can bulk import Opportunities into the CRM.

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Sometimes, it's much more efficient to collect Opportunity data within Excel - especially true if you're on the road at a trade show! We understand that sometimes it's much easier to quickly input data into an Excel spreadsheet than going through the creation process within the CRM.

It's really simple to use our Importer tool to bulk create Opportunities within the CRM using this data. If you're new to the CRM, this is also a great way to transfer any historic Opportunities.


  • You'll need CRM Admin rights in order to follow the steps in this article

Step 1: Navigate to the Opportunities Import

Navigate to the Data Importer, either through the navigation menu under Sales or by clicking here.

Step 2: Download the Excel spreadsheet template

Once within the Opportunity Data Importer, select 'Create new Opportunities'. This will open a pop-up where you can download the template needed to import the Opportunities.

Populate the spreadsheet with all the required data.

Note: Any fields with an asterisks (*) are required by the importer, so will need to be populated and can't be removed. If you need to find your Contact ID, head to the Contact record and check the record breadcrumbs (it's the number in brackets).

Step 3: Upload the Opportunity template

Once you've populated the CRM-generated template, you can return to the Importer and select 'Next' to get to the Validation stage. This is where you can upload the template with the Opportunity data in.

This will check all the data inputted to make sure it's valid. If anything inputted is not vald, you'll be given the option of creating it.

Once all the Opportunity data has been validated, it will appear with no errors and you can select 'Next' to kick off the import!

Step 4: Finish the Import

By selecting 'Next' on the Validation page, you're starting the import to create your Opportunities. The data will be uploaded and you'll see a progress pop-up detailing how many rows have been processed.

You can close the pop-up and carry on working in the CRM. You'll be notified via email once it's completed!

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