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Product Item Upsell Import (Preview)
Product Item Upsell Import (Preview)

This article outlines how to use the Product Item Upsell Importer tool.

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Please note: this feature is in Preview at the moment, which means we're still making a few tweaks here and there to make it even better. It also means that while all customers can benefit from the Product Item Upsell Importer right now, when it's out of Preview it may be restricted to certain subscriptions.

The Upsell Manager in Prospect CRM makes it easier for your customer-facing teams to add more products to a customer's order in a helpful, data-driven way, based on what they've ordered before. Once set up, you can create links between multiple products that should/can be sold together to help increase average order values. Use our Product Upsell Import to import these links.


  • You'll need CRM Admin rights in order to follow the steps in this article

Step 1: Go to Upsell on Product

From your full list of Product Items, click on any product. Select the Upsell page.

From here, you can access the Product Importer, by clicking the 'Import' button.

Step 2: Downloading Import Template

Once within the importer, select 'Download template' to download an example Excel spreadsheet which you can then populate.

Step 3: Populate Import Template

Now that you've downloaded the template, make sure to populate this with the upsell links that need importing. See a list below of mandatory import data required for a successful import:

  • Product Item ID [[ProductItemId]] - This is the product's SKU.

  • Linked Product Item ID [[LinkedProductItem.ProductItemId]] - This is the linked product's SKU.

  • Link Type (MUSTSELL/RECOMMENDED/UPGRADE) [[LinkType.Code]] - Define what type of Upsell Link Type this will be. Learn more about the different upsell manager links here.

Step 4: Upload Populated Import Template

Now that you have populated the Import Template make sure to save your changes. Click 'Next', then drag and drop your file into the highlighted area, or select the file from your PC.

Once you've uploaded your spreadsheet, the importer will check your data for any errors and will continue to upload data that has been inputted correctly.

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