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Resequencing Upsell Manager Products
Resequencing Upsell Manager Products

This article outlines how to resequence Upsell Manager products on a Quote.

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Within the CRM we have an Upsell Manager, making it easier for your Sales team to add additional Products to a customer's order. The Upsell Manager allows you to create links between multiple products that should or can be sold together. If an Upsell link has been configured, when the product is added, the user will be prompted to see if the customer would also like the linked products. 

We have identified three key types of Upselling which our Upsell Manager supports; Upgrade, Must Sell and Recommended. For more information on these different types of Upsell, take a look at our article.

After an Upsell product has been added to the quote, they will appear grouped on the Quote lines. These items are grouped so it's clear that the products are linked via the Upsell Manager. Furthermore, the CRM user can also drag and drop the main product and all the linked products in one go. 

However, we understand that in some cases you may need to resequence this list of Upsell products.  To do so, click on the pencil icon of one of the Upsell products. This will open a side panel, within here click on the Resequence Upsell Lines button. 

You will then be able to resequence the Upsell products by dragging and dropping the items to the desired order. Once happy with the new order, click Ok. 

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