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Using Upsell Manager Links when Quoting
Using Upsell Manager Links when Quoting

Learn how to add products to your Quote using the Upsell Manager Links.

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  • You'll need to have configured the Upsell Manager using the steps in this article first

Types of Upsell

There are 3 key types of Upselling which the CRM supports; Upgrade, Must Sell and Recommended. For more information on these different types of Upsell, take a look at our article first.

In the below example, we're adding the product 'Domestic Alarm System Model 1' which has an Upgrade, Must Sell and Recommended products linked.  


Once I've added the product, the Upsell Manager pop-up will open automatically. The first set of Upsell links that are displayed is any product upgrades that have been linked. Within the below example, we have 2 upgrade options; 'Model 2' or 'Model 3'. The Upsell Manager will display the price of the upgrade product, how many are available in terms of stock and finally the price difference. 

To choose an Upgrade product, just simply click on the required item and press 'Continue'. 

Must Sell

The next Upsell link that shows is the Must Sell, which means that these products have to be purchased with the Product being sold. Before you continue, you're warned about the price and how many of this required product is being added. 


Finally, you have the products that are recommended as a possible Upsell. To add these recommended products, click on the toggle next to the desired product. Again, the Upsell Manager will display the available stock and price for the user's information. You will also notice that there is a summary on the right-hand side which notes down all products that have been added so far, via the Upsell Manager. Once happy with your selection, click 'Continue' and all products will be added to your Quote. 

Upsell Prompt

To configure the Upsell Prompt, please see here.

This System Setting will make the CRM show a popup when adding products to a quote line which have Upsell configured.

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