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Using Product Packs when Quoting
Using Product Packs when Quoting

Once you've configured your Product Packs, start using them when quoting your customers & prospects!

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Product Packs are extremely useful if you sell products in volume and are distributed in particular packs, boxes or pallets. Whilst the Warehouse team may know what these exact sizes are, the Sales team may not. Therefore, to assist the Sales team, you can configure Product Packs within the CRM, so this is automatically calculated for the Salesperson based on the required quantity. 

For example, AAA batteries may be sold as a pack of 4 which the CRM would class as one unit, as you wouldn't sell just one battery. If you were a distributor, you would tend to sell in boxes, so that box may include 50 packs of batteries. Finally, you may also sell in pallets and that pallet may include 80 boxes of batteries, so 400 packs of 4 batteries. As you can see in this one example, it can be extremely helpful to a Salesperson to have pack configurations setup for boxes and pallets, so the CRM can automatically work out the best way to pack the required quantity of a product. 

If you haven't configured your packs, please take a look at this article.

Step 1: Add Products to a Quote or Sales Order

Once you have created your Quote or Sales Order, you can start adding in products that have a pack configuration. 

Step 2: Configure Pack Sizes

After adding the product, you will be able to configure your pack based on the pack sizes available. If the Salesperson is aware of how many packs are in a box and pallet, then they can just specify how many of these they require. Alternatively, the user can type in the amount of packs of 4 batteries they required in the bottom field. 

For example, the customer may require 450 packs of 4 batteries. The CRM automatically recognises that this quantity can be re-packed based on the pack configurations. 

Step 3: Click Repack

By clicking 'Repack', the CRM will redistribute the quantity specified into packs. As shown in example, 450 packs of 4 batteries would be 1 pallet (400 packs) and 1 box (50 packs) totalling to 450. 

Once happy with selection, click 'OK' and the product will be added to the Quote with the necessary packs.  

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