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Reserving Stock when Quoting
Reserving Stock when Quoting

This article outlines how to reserve stock when quoting within the CRM.

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To help manage your stock levels and fulfilling as many orders as possible, CRM users can choose to reserve stock for a customer. Within the CRM, you can reserve stock, but also reserve stock for Pre-season estimates. This article will explain how to complete a standard stock reserve. For more information on reserving Pre-season estimates, take a look at our article.

In the screenshot below we have the 1.5 AAA Battery product, which currently has an Available from Stock Level of 34 & an Available with Pre-season Stock Level of -41.

Step 1: Create a Quote

In order to reserve stock for a customer you will need to create a Quote and add the required products. In the below screenshot we have a Quote with the 1.5 AAA Battery product added which has a quantity of 4. We can also see that the 'Reserve Stock' is currently set to 'Not Reserved'. 

Step 2: Reserve Stock

However, your sales team may just be waiting for the PO from this customer and knows the customer will usually place the order. Therefore, you may wish to reserve this stock whilst you're waiting for the PO to ensure you can fulfil this order. To reserve the stock, simply click on the 'Reserve Stock' drop-down and select 'Reserved'.  

As we have selected the 'Reserve' option the 'Available from Stock' level has now decreased to 30 and the 'Available with Pre-season Stock' level has decreased to -45 for the 1.5 AAA Battery product. This means that although we theoretically have a stock level of 34, because we have reserved the 4 products no one else will be able to sell these. 

Please note: this stock won't be reserved forever, it will only be reserved until the order reaches it's due date or the stock will be released if the order is cancelled. 

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