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Different Upsell Manager Links Explained
Different Upsell Manager Links Explained

Get to know the different Upsell Manager Link options available within Prospect and examples for when to use them.

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Within the CRM we have an Upsell Manager, making it easier for your Sales team to add additional products to a customer's order. The Upsell Manager allows you to create links between multiple products that should or can be sold together. If an Upsell link has been configured, when the product is added, the user will be prompted to see if the customer would also like the linked products. 

We have identified three key types of upselling which our Upsell Manager supports:


The Upgrade Upsell Manager option could be classed as the more traditional form of upselling, where you offer the customer a 'better' version of the product they're wanting to buy. For example, a customer might want to buy a box of standard AA batteries, but the Sales person could persuade them to purchase the Long Lasting AA batteries instead, which of course have a higher price. 

Must Sell

Sometimes in business two products must be sold together when purchased. For example, an alarm system may require a particular cable pack that only your business sells, as the alarm system will not work without it. Therefore, the Upsell Manager would force the Sales person to add the required product if a must sell link was configured. 


Recommended refers to other products that your business would recommend buying with the product you have selected. For example, an alarm system may require a standard AA battery. This battery could be purchased from any store but to offer convenience to the customer, you could try and recommend that they buy the AA battery at the time of purchase. 

All three upselling methods can be supported with the CRM's Upsell Manager. For more information on how to configure the Upsell Manager, please take a look at this article. In addition, if you'd like to take a look at how the Upsell Manager interface looks for the sales team, take a look at our article.

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