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Exporting Quote Lines to Excel
Exporting Quote Lines to Excel

This article will detail the process of saving Quote Lines from the CRM to Excel.

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There may be scenarios where you need to export Quote Lines to Excel for further analysis, this guide will detail the process of exporting this data.


  • You'll need the Export Lists permission to be able to do this. A CRM Organisation Admin can configure these permissions in User Management.

Step 1: Open a Quote

Step 2: Click the three dot menu

On the Products section showing Quote lines, click the further options (three dots) and choose 'Save to Excel' from the drop-down.

Once selected, a popup will appear letting you know that your file is being prepared!

HINT: If you wish to import quote lines back into a quote, follow the above steps but choose Import products from Excel/CSV from the Three Dot Menu. This will add the imported lines into the quote but will not delete pre-existing quote lines.

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