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How to delete Quote Lines
How to delete Quote Lines

This article will outline how you can delete Quote Lines from a quote.

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Step 1: Navigate to Quote Lines

Within the Quote, scroll down to find the Quote Lines section which details all the products on the quote.

Step 2: Find the Quote Line to delete

Once you have identified the Quote Line you wish to delete. Select the Bin icon on the right of the line. If you don't see the Bin icon then this means you do not have Delete permissions and should speak to your Admin to resolve this.

Note: If you have many fields on the quote line, you may need to scroll!

Step 3: Confirm the deletion

Once the Bin icon has been selected, you will be asked to confirm the deletion.

Please note: If you delete a Quote Line on a Confirmed Order then this will not delete the Line from your ERPs order and it will still show in the Sales Transaction table in the CRM.

Need to find deleted Quote Lines to restore them?

Head to our Recycle Bin here to find all deleted records including Quote Lines!

Or, head to our restoring guide for steps on how to restore records, found here.

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