Restoring Deleted Records
This article outlines how to recover deleted records and restore them back to Prospect CRM.
Updated over a week ago

It's easy to restore deleted records from your CRM. Our restore feature performs a cascade restoration that will recover entire the deleted tree/hierarchy. So, when you restore a given record (e.g. a Contact), the CRM will automatically restore all related records that were deleted on that same day (i.e. any Documents, Quotes, Opportunities etc. that were manually or automatically cascade-deleted when the Contact deletion took place).


Step 1: Restoring the Record

Once you've deleted a record, you'll be presented the option to 'Restore' it from the red banner along the top.

Step 2: Confirming the Restore

By clicking 'Restore', you'll be asked to confirm your restore, where the CRM will restore the deleted record and any other relevant child records that were deleted along with it.

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