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Sorting your Data
Sorting your Data

Learn how to organise and sort your Reports more efficiently.

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Use advanced sorting to sort and manage your CRM Reports. This enables you to sort your data by ways such as ordering by rows, or by grouping your information so that it's easier to find the data that you're looking for.

The simplest way to sort a Report or view in the CRM is to click into the column menu. To access this menu, move your mouse over the column title to reveal the three dots for that column specifically.

Step 1: Navigate to your Report

On any Report or view in Prospect, click on the further options menu (three dots in the top right-hand corner), and select 'Sort'. You'll then be presented with different ways to sort your Report.

Step 2: Sort your Report

The first two options of "Sort Ascending" and "Sort Descending" will do just that - sort your Report by the values in that column only.

But, if you want to sort the Report by multiple columns, or in the case of a grouped Report you want to sort the groups and then sort the data within each group, then you'll need to use the sort panel. The sort panel can be opened from the column menu above by clicking 'More Sort Options', or via the main Report menu by choosing 'Sort'.

Within this sort panel, you can add multiple columns to sort by (e.g. sort the data by column B ascending, then by column E descending, then by column A ascending, etc.).

As well as including additional sort criteria, you can also drag the various columns up and down to change the priority of your multi-column sort.

If the Report is a grouped Report, the sort order for the detail rows (the table of data within each group) will be set at the top of the panel, and then below that you can define the sequence in which you want to see the groups themselves.

To add in more sort options, simply select the 'Add Sort' button.

Step 3: Save your Changes

Once you've made your changes, click the save icon to save these modifications on your Report.

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