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How to View Product Price Lists/Tiers
How to View Product Price Lists/Tiers
View the different Price Lists/Tiers for your products without needing access your integrated Inventory Management/Accounting/ERP System.
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This article explains how you can easily view the different price lists/tiers on a Product in Prospect CRM. This currently works for the following integrations:

  • DEAR Inventory (becoming Cin7 Core)

  • Unleashed

  • QuickBooks Commerce

  • Exchequer

Step 1: Find the Product

From the left-hand menu select 'Products' then 'Product Items'. To filter the results down, use the search along the top to find the required Product.

Step 2: Navigate to Price Lists

Click on the 'Price Lists' or 'Price Tiers' page on the left-hand side.

Here, you'll find the price of the product for the differing Price Lists/Tiers set up in your integrated Inventory Management/Accounting/ERP system.

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