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The CRM Dashboards are focused on helping you manage and drive growth throughout your business.

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Please note: All CRM Dashboards (apart from the Overview Dashboard) are currently in Preview. First of all, that means we'd love your feedback on this new functionality - either if it isn't working right for you, or if you have an idea that would make it better. Please contact us via our chat, or log your ideas in the Ideas Portal - both of these can be accessed by visiting And, in keeping with that desire for maximum feedback, during the Preview phase, this feature will be available to all users on all subscriptions. However, once out of Preview, this feature is expected to be only available on our Professional and Advanced CRM subscriptions.

All CRM users have access to a set of pre-made Dashboards, plus the ability to add custom, third party Dashboards. Check out the different Dashboards available below!

Overview Dashboard

Although the Overview Dashboard isn't role specific, it gives all CRM users an top--level insight into key CRM data.

Across the Dashboard, you'll see some key Reports displayed as tiles e.g. Open Opportunities, Open Quotes etc. These can be clicked on to open up the full Report, and the tiles can be configured depending on what information you want to display.

You'll also see your all-important Tasks list, which displays all of your current, overdue and upcoming Tasks. These will be sorted by date and show the Company Type colour for the record alongside it.

Finally, the Recent Activity shows you CRM records you've recently been working on, enabling you to quickly and easily navigate back to them.

Account Manager Dashboard

The Account Manager Dashboard gives you amazing customer insights that help increase customer retention, happiness and upsell. Plus, it'll help you identify churning customers that need to be reactivated - before you lose them for good!

Learn all about the Account Manager Dashboard in our dedicated article here!

Sales Manager Dashboard

Supercharge sales results with the Sales Manager Dashboard! Get a 360° view of team performance, with full visibility of exactly what business is in the pipeline to win.

Learn all about the Sales Manager Dashboard in our dedicated article here.

Sales Rep Dashboard

Become a sales hero with the Sales Rep Dashboard! Sell smarter and faster, see where the best opportunities are, and identify deals to focus on to hit those all-important targets!

Learn all about the Sales Rep Dashboard in our dedicated article here.

Custom Third Party Dashboards

You can also choose to embed any third party dashboard you like with a simple URL, which will then display in the Dashboard area. For example, if you've created a Power BI Report, you can display this in the CRM!

Note: CRM users who want to display a custom Dashboard using a third party app like Power BI will need the correct license with the other app.

If you'd like to get a Custom/URL-based Dashboard set up, follow the steps in this article!

Customers Love Insights from the CRM Dashboards!

Make sure you check out our article here on how to set up and configure your Dashboards before getting stuck in!

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