Sales Manager Dashboard

Get a 360° view of your Sales performance, team and projected results using the Sales Manager Dashboard!

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Supercharge sales results with the Sales Manager Dashboard! Get a 360° view of team performance, with full visibility of exactly what business is in the pipeline to win.


  • Before you look at any of the CRM Dashboards in more detail, there are some key set up/configuration steps you should be aware of first - learn about these right here

So, what data is shown on each tile?

Let's break down each tile in this Dashboard to show you what each means, how the data is calculated, as well as give you some tips along the way on how to use these insights to your advantage!

Sales Manager Dashboard

Sales Orders

This interactive bar chart shows you the value of all orders you've received, month by month. To benchmark your results against historic performance, the chart shows a year on year analysis across the last three years.

By hovering your mouse over the chart, two dotted lines (one vertical, one horizontal) will intersect to give you a more precise reading of the value of orders, month by month. To analyse a specific area of the chart in even more detail, simply click on the chart, drag your mouse to the right, and release the click when happy with your selection.

The 'See More' link on this tile will take you to a Sales Orders Report, which can be filtered to show details of a particular month.


See exactly which Sales Reps in your team are winning the most business on the Leaderboard tile! This can most definitely encourage some friendly competitiveness amongst team members too! (**TOP TIP** why not incorporate a weekly/monthly prize for whoever secures the top spot on the Leaderboard?).

The Leaderboard stats are automatically calculated (and refreshed every 15 minutes) by taking each Sales Rep's performance from last month and the current month, then ranking Sales Reps in order of performance against each other (position 1 being top performing). Plus, as a Sales Manager, you can see:

  • Sales Reps who are performing better this month than last month (green up arrow to the left of their name)

  • Sales Reps who performed better last month than this month (red down arrow to the left of their name)

  • Sales Reps whose performance remains the same this month as it did last month (grey circle to the left of their name)

To see a specific Sales Rep's sales performance, simply click on their name or Avatar. This will open a Report, filtered by the Sales person specified, showing you all Quotations they closed successfully in the last two months, and the value of each sale they made.


The Stats tile gives you detailed insights from P.A.I.G.E. (the Prospect A.I. Growth Engine) on key growth metrics including customer retention and growth, and financial results. This summary helps you answer critical growth questions like:

  1. Are we succeeding in getting more customers over time, or do we have a leaky bucket?

  2. Are we maximising the LTV (Lifetime value) of those customers by successfully onboarding them, and then growing the annual spend of each customer year on year?

The specific data that features on this tile includes:

  • Total Customers: A count of all open (not closed) customer accounts.

  • New Customers: Accounts created in the last 30 days and didn't exist as customers previously.

  • Retained Customers: Accounts created more than 30 days ago that are still open accounts.

  • Lost Customers: Accounts that were closed in the last 30 days.

  • Net New Customers: New Customers minus any Lost Customers.

  • Net change: Percentage of Total Customers that are New Customers, rounded to nearest whole number.

  • Increasing Revenue: Accounts with more than 5% growth based on the Increasing Revenue Report.

  • Decreasing Revenue: Accounts with less than 5% growth based on the Increasing Revenue Report.

  • Not Yet Fully Onboard: Customers who've ordered less than 4 times.

A green up arrow indicates there's been an improvement compared to last month, whereas a red down arrow indicates a decline in performance compared to last month. Simply hover over these up and down arrows to see the increase/decrease as a value.

Closed Deals

The interactive doughnut chart shows you what type of deals closed e.g. re-spend, customer acquisition, other etc., shown as percentages, with an associated value in your default currency.


The Pipelines tile gives you a snapshot of all Opportunities with an 'Open' status, where the sale is estimated to close next month. These are then ordered by value, placing the most valuable order at the top of the list.

The interactive doughnut chart shows you what type of deals closed e.g. re-spend, customer acquisition, other etc., shown as percentages, with an associated value in your default currency.

The 'See More' link on this tile will take you to a Report showing all open Opportunities that are expected to close this month, ordered by the Estimated Close date.


In the Problems tile, you can choose to see a list of 'All' Problems, or just those that have an 'Open' or 'Closed' status by using the tabs along the top. For example, by selecting the 'Open' tab, you'll be able to see a list of all customer issues/queries which are still in hand and being worked on. No matter which tab you choose, Problems that have been updated most recently will appear at the top of the list.

The 'See More' link will take you to a Problems Report and will be filtered based on the status selected using the tabs. For example, if you choose to see just 'Closed' Problems, the 'See More' link will show you a Report of Problems which are in a closed status e.g. 'Complete' or 'Dead'.

On this tile, the Avatars on the left-hand side will show the CRM user who last updated the Problem.

**TOP TIP** Choose the 'Open' tab and click the 'See More' link to learn which types of issues are most common. For example, if lots of issues are marked as 'Delivery' in the Type column, because the delivery was late, items were damaged on delivery etc., you may consider investigating the choice of courier before more similar issues arise.

Lost Opportunities

The Lost Opportunities tile shows you the top 10 missed Opportunities in the last month.

The 'See More' link takes you to an Opportunities Report that's automatically filtered to show you all Opportunities with a 'negative' status (e.g. Cancelled, Lost etc.) in the last month.

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